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About Us


Our Approach

The business plan of rambling Acres Pet Resort and Spa is to provide the best service for your pets.  We take the time and money to utilize the training and certifications available, by the leading associations in the country.

Our experience dates back to the 1970’s  through Kennel custodian, Pet Grooming and Veterinarian technician. Also through showing dogs and entering grooming contest and seminars.

We use state of the art equipment , utilized humane methods, and stress free techniques while working on and around your pet .

Award winning, National certified Master groomer , also certified through Intellectual groomers association, Pet CPR certified.

This is our Approach for giving you not only the best value but best service for your pet.

Our Story

The beginning of rambling acres started as an idea, that grew into an actual place.  A dream of a facility set up properly and safe for both the pets and those working with them. We have just begun the journey here at rambling acres and hope you help tell our story

Meet the Team

The team is small . We plan to stay a small cozy Mom-Pop facility, to give focused care to a select few pets. We do not plan to grow into a large facility. We feel by staying small we will always be able to give the care that Rambling acres strives to give. .

Ginger Lute NCMG

Ginger Lute NCMG IGAC

Founder & CEO

Ginger has 29 years in the grooming industry and more then 40 years working with dogs. Something she has done all her life.

With exception of her time in the United States Airforce.

She brings much experience and love to rambling acres

Next Steps…

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