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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long does it take to groom my pet? We bring in dogs usually in the morning and complete them as the day goes by. Some people work and they can pick up after work. If you have a special needs dog that needs an in and out appointment . Please inform us so we can accommodate. Just understand in and out appointments take time and availability is limited .

What is included in the grooming price? Our Prices are all inclusive for what should be deemed necessary for your pets hair and skin health for a Spa experience. So
1.De-shedding is always included

2.Hand drying and hand scissoring where necessary, are always included.

3.Teeth Brushing is always included.

4.Nail grinding is always included. Unless the pet is terrified of the dremel then we will use nail clippers and slowly train them to except the dremel.

5.Ear cleaning is always included. We may or may-not pluck ears.
Ear Plucking is another gray area which may actually cause more issues then leaving them alone. If your dog has a present bacteria overgrowth either seen or unseen. Plucking the ear hair which is exactly the same concept as plucking any other hair such as eye brows , leg hair , or other. The hair is pulled out by the roots. It can be painful and it can leave damaged skin. Which deep in the ear canal, these damaged areas can make a bacteria infection worse.
Some dogs, the hairs are rooted more strong then others. So the pain level and or dangers of ear hair plucking is very subjective from dog to dog and also can have different outcomes from one pluck session to another. Contacting the top Veterinarian universities in the country. It has been explained to me it is best left alone unless the ear canal is thick with hair and only pulling enough to allow air flow is necessary. Some veterinarians say pluck some say not to. We will on request, but will not if there is an obvious discharge from the ear. We suggest under those conditions have your veterinarian perform the procedure. We also do not make a point of getting ever hair present with the exception of prick eared dogs where ear hair gives an unsightly look and again this will be judged dog to dog because we will not do something that causes pain or fear. Puppies we never recommend plucking ear hair if anything a few hairs is all that one should do, so as not to scare the pup into rejecting this procedure for the rest of his/her grooming days.

6.Checking anal glands is always included expressing anal glands is not always necessary and we do not prophylactically express anal glands just to add value to our services or charge a premium as is regularly done with anal glands, which if prophylactically done, can damage your dog and cause medical issues with their anal glands. We always suggest watching Dr Karen Becker about Anal Glands

7.bow and bandanna when available

8.2 shampoos and 1 conditioner. By one of our fine shampoos appropriate for your dogs skin and hair. We pride ourselves on how clean and soft we get your pet ( excluding terriers that are meant to have hard coats). We also enjoy making your pets skin healthy. So we address dander and any other common issues. Such as allergies and such. We have great hypoallergenic products. We also use a blueberry facial to get those faces sparkly clean with a product that is safe around the eyes. We strive to make your pets spa Experience an Experience exclusive to our facility unlike anything they would receive at home or anywhere else.

9. And a nice rub down after the bath with a nice clean towel

What do I need to bring in when Boarding my pet? We are State Licensed and Inspected. Which is by State law . By law you must bring in veterinarian information of your Pets vaccinations.
1. We require Rabies, Distemper, Parvo,.
We do not require Kennel Cough because it only covers one form of upper respiratory disease. We can not take your dog if they recently received this vaccination. If you choose to give it, it can cause mild disease and require your pet have a 2 week period since given the Kennel Cough other wise called bordetella vaccination. Because our Resort (kennel ) is small and is less stressful, clean, and we do not mingle pets your pet. They less are likely to develop such a stress born illness.

2.You must also bring in your Pets food. Change of food can cause medical issues. We also have a refrigerator and freezer for those who feed perishable foods.

3. You may bring bed and toys. We do have raised hammocks

4.You must fill out our application which you can request by email , pick up at our office, or fill out at drop off.

5. Medications your pets are on. With instructions.

6. Your Pet must be clean and free of external and internal parasites. If your pet is not clean we can bath them before entering our resort facility.
If internal parasites are found in feces there will be a clean up charge and we will contact you and request you contact your vet for appropriate fecal exam and medications.

7. Your pet must be free of skin issues that may be contagious. If your pet has skin issues besides sarcoptic mange , ringworm and staph . We need a Letter from your veterinarian on what the condition is and to assure it is not contagious. We may also need to know what test your Veterinarian performed to reach such a conclusion, if it looks very similar to a contagious skin issue listed above. All excessive itching will be viewed as a possible issue unless skin scrapings have been performed and test for fungal issues if a smell and itching is present. Ears must also be clear of earmites. If your dog has an ongoing skin issue please bring it to our attention for discussion before boarding day to avoid rejection.